The fruit of knowing your investment advisor is a trusted Wall Street advisor and a revolutionary petroleum engineer.



Energy Capital Fund is an oil and gas investment fund that’s built on
the rare synthesis of petroleum proficiency and financial dexterity.
Here’s what we mean.

Petroleum Proficiency

“We’ve struck oil.” At times, those words lead to millions in profit. At others, they lead to devastating loss. The role of a petroleum engineer is to predict which one a particular project will be. As such, he is an essential factor in oil and gas investing. His skill set empowers him to determine the probability that a project will produce, over what period of time that project will produce, and how much it will cost to produce.

Daniel Smith, President of Energy Capital Fund, is a chemical engineer by degree and a registered professional petroleum engineer by examination. During his time at XTO Energy, Daniel’s expertise played a key role in the revolution of fracturing that led to the company’s buyout by ExxonMobil. Now, Daniel’s expertise goes to work for every Energy Capital Fund investor.

Financial Dexterity

A petroleum engineer is not, however, a one man show. Striking oil and gas is associated with tremendous backend profit, but is rarely associated with the tremendous initial investment. As result, an oil and gas project needs a trusted investment advisor with intimate knowledge of the complexities of Wall Street. Beyond that, the massive front end investment required of oil and gas projects demands that an investment advisor have a network of accredited investors who are ready to strike.

The beauty of Energy Capital Fund is that our revolutionary petroleum engineer also serves as the trusted Wall Street investor for some of the industry’s largest investment firms. In fact, world renown Iroquois Capital Fund relies heavily upon the financial dexterity of Energy Capital Fund President Daniel Smith to move their oil and gas investments from the realm of hypothetical to actual. Now, Daniel is making his Wall Street expertise available to private investors. Like you.


We’re admittedly biased about the quality our investments. We’re thankful that our clients are, too.

Daniel’s ideas are often ahead of the competition, thanks to his curious and tenacious nature. While Daniel is an outstanding business mind, he’s simultaneously approachable and communicates with humility. I look forward to involving Daniel in my projects as I can say confidently, his input has dramatically increased the value of my ventures.

–Nicholas Jennings, Global Events Director/Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Your Clients?

Our clients are both corporate and private investors. On the corporate level, we advise for companies like the world renown Iroquois Capital Opportunity Fund. On the private level, each of our clients is an accredited investor. This requirement exists partly to protect our investment and partly because of the high demand for them. As result, our investors are often doctors, lawyers, business owners, and corporate managers.

What Is Your Investment Strategy?

Although deeply complex, we have broken the oil and gas investment strategy of Energy Capital Fund into three basic components. First, we target selectively, limiting our investments to the top 10% of projects. Next, we evaluate meticulously, relying upon the most advanced tools in the hands of our industry-leading petroleum engineer. Finally, we invest wisely. Once a project is deemed low risk, which means high probability of high output, then we invest significantly.

Where Do You Invest?

We are a global investor, so geology trumps geography. By this, we do not mean that geography is unimportant. Rather, we intend to highlight the fact that our investments are not generally limited by the location of an investment, but by the quality of an investment. As result, though most of our investments are in North America, Energy Capital Fund is open to investing anywhere that fits within our oil and gas investment strategy.

Is Energy Capital Fund For Me?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we put extraordinary effort into making the decision easy for you to make. We locate phenomenal investment opportunities, evaluate them with phenomenal tools in the hands of a phenomenal petroleum engineer, and then invest a phenomenal amount of money with the expectation of phenomenal return. Intuitively, most agree that the strategy is sensible. Thankfully, it’s not just theory for us, but track record. If you’re interested, you’re invited to peruse our testimonials.

Questions Answered?