Petroleum Engineering

Oil and gas investments are sexy because it’s common knowledge that the ExxonMobil’s of the world make billions in profit every year. How do they do that? There are, of course, a complexity of factors that make ExxonMobil what it is, but perhaps the most essential is their reliance upon petroleum engineers to evaluate projects. ExxonMobil knows the probability that a project will produce, over what period of time that project will produce, how much it will cost to produce, and the estimated return on investment… all before it invests a dime.

Such resources have not been at the disposal of most private investors.

Energy Capital Fund changes that.

What enables Energy Capital Fund to evaluate investment opportunities at such a high level?


Daniel Smith, President of Energy Capital Fund, earned a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University (Whoop!). Additionally, he is a registered professional petroleum engineer by examination from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.


Daniel has over 18 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry and has been involved with the deployment of close to five hundred million dollars in development drilling and investments. His abilities run the full spectrum from wellsite technical expertise to private equity. He has specialized engineering experience in drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and artificial lift due to his work at Sonat Exploration and XTO Energy.


Daniel played a key role in XTO Energy’s industry-leading technological revolution of hydraulic fracturing in the late 1990’s. This development has helped unlocked tremendous reserves of oil and gas in the United States.


At XTO, Daniel managed fields producing in excess of 100 million cubic feet per day.  Subsequent to XTO, he has worked with and personally owned various private oil and gas companies directing all aspects of oil and gas development from prospect identification, evaluation and acquisition to drilling, completion, and production.

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