Oil and Gas Investments

The oil and gas investments of Energy Capital Fund have two essential components. And we’re convinced that these components aren’t just essential components to our oil and gas investments. They are, in fact, the components of every phenomenal investment. Let us explain.

Oil and Gas Investment Opportunity

“When opportunity knocks, answer the door.” We’ve heard that quote a thousand times, but we’ve never bought it. The reason? Passivity doesn’t work, especially not in oil and gas investments. At Energy Capital Fund, our President has established a vast network of relationships with oil and gas companies that empower him to learn of the most stellar investment opportunites. The result has been not tens, but hundreds of millions invested over the last 2+ decades into projects that have millions of dollars for thousands of investors.

Oil and Gas Investment Strategy

The second component to our investments answers the question, “What do you do once you hear of a phenomenal oil and gas investment?” The first step in our oil and gas investment strategy is to get on the ground at the project to begin the process of meticulous evaluation. As a revolutionary petroleum engineer, Energy Capital Fund President Daniel Smith actively pursues the top 10% of oil and gas investment opportunities, and his ability to discern them has proven uncanny. Once we determine that a project is in the top 10% of all oil and gas projects globally, we lean on our Wall Street expertise to connect a network of investors to that particular opportunity. If the opportunity is determined to be outside the top 10% of global investments, we move on to the next potential opportunity.

Because the investments to which we connect investors are legitimately phenomenal, phenomenal return on investment often follows. That said, you’ll notice throughout our website and/or in conversation with us that we talk little of “tax shelters” and “tax benefits.” Why? Because we’ve seen such lingo used to bait clients into making unwise investments. As result, we’ve decided to let who we are and what we’ve done speak to our clients about what we can do. Our President played a key role in the transformation of hydraulic fracturing during his time at XTO Energy, which led to their eventual buyout by ExxonMobil. So, not only our mouths, but also our track record says that identifying phenomenal oil and gas investment opportunities is what we do.


Simply put, we connect investors to the best investment opportunities on the planet.