Energy Investments

What makes for phenomenal energy investments?” That’s a difficult question for most oil and gas investment advisors to answer because while they understand the market, they are unable to personally evaluate potential projects. As result, they may determine when the market is ripe for investment, but struggle to determine how likely an investment is to produce. This, of course, leaves the private investor in an incredibly risky situation.

Again, let’s ask, “What makes for phenomenal energy investments?” This is also a difficult question for most petroleum engineers to answer because while they generally have the tools to discern phenomenal oil and gas investment opportunities, they often lack the financial dexterity to know when to invest or how much to invest. As you can imagine, accredited investors are slow to jump onboard with such investments.

The Key to Stellar Energy Investments

Stellar energy investments are incredibly rare and even more incredibly complex. Because the overwhelming majority of investors lack the tools to evaluate the virtually innumerable factors that comprise stellar energy investments, we suggest that there is one deeply practical ingredient that will empower investors to get their money into oil and gas projects that are legitimately phenomenal. So, what’s the key?


noun syn·the·sis \ˈsin(t)-thə-səs\

: something that is made by combining different things (such as ideas, styles, etc.)

At Energy Capital Fund, our President, Daniel Smith, is the synthesis of an oil and gas investment advisor and a Texas Registered Petroleum Engineer. His prowess on Wall Street is globally recognized, as he regularly advises world renown Iroquois Capital Group. Likewise, his work in the oil field has resulted in the revolution of fracturing with XTO Energy and more than half a billion dollars in assets deployed.

So, what do you do when you want to make phenomenal investments? You contact someone who has both the reputation and the track record of getting them done. And that’s what we do.

Why Wait to Invest Wisely?

Phenomenal energy investments don't cross your path everyday, but one did today.