Oil and Gas Investment Adviser

Striking oil and gas is associated with tremendous backend profit. Often overlooked is that there is always tremendous initial investment. As result, an energy investment needs a trusted investment adviser with intimate knowledge of the complexities of Wall Street. Beyond that, the massive front end investment required of oil and gas projects demands that an investment adviser have a network of accredited investors who are ready to strike.

A Trusted Oil and Gas Investment Advisor

What is Energy Capital Fund? It’s the firm that makes available to the private investor the oil and gas investment adviser trusted by world renown investment capital groups. #awesome
Because of the extraordinary success of Energy Capital Fund President Daniel Smith, ECF enjoys an exponentially growing pool of accredited investors who have invested and are ready to invest in future projects. Currently, Daniel serves as the trusted oil and gas investment advisor for some of the industry’s largest investment firms. For example, world renown Iroquois Capital Fund relies heavily upon Daniel’s financial dexterity to move their oil and gas investments from the realm of hypothetical to actual. In fact, over the course of his career, Daniel has overseen the investment of more than $190 million. In other words, he knows what he’s doing. Now, Daniel is making his Wall Street expertise available to private investors.

Not Just a Trusted Oil and Gas Investment Advisor

The beauty of Energy Capital Fund is that our trusted oil and gas investor is also a revolutionary petroleum engineer, which enables him to meticulously evaluate which projects qualify as low risk, which, in essence, are projects with high probability of producing high output. As result, Daniel is uniquely positioned to evaluate projects and generate the funding for projects. That sounds to us like a recipe for success and, so far, that’s exactly what it has been.

Invest Wisely

Trust the advisor upon whom the leading investment firms rely.